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Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

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Annular Flanged Corrugated Metal Pipe

  In the Annular Flanged Corrugated Metal Pipe and ring forgings timber,  often used 45 # steel, 45 # steel, what kind of performance?

  45 steel, is the name for GB, JIS called: S45C, ASTM said 1045,080 M46, DIN  known as: C45 45 # steel for high-quality carbon structural steel, high hardness  cutting processing, mold templates used to do, shoot sub, guide posts, etc.,  subject to heat treatment.

  45 # steel is widely used in machinery manufacturing, good mechanical  properties of this steel. But this is a medium carbon steel, hardened  performance is not good, 45 steel can be hardened to HRC42 ~ 46. So if you need  to surface hardness, but also hopes to play 45 # steel superior mechanical  properties, often 45 # carburizing steel surface, so you can get the desired  surface hardness.

  No tempering 1.45 before hardening steel, hardness greater than HRC55 (up  to HRC62) is qualified. The actual application of maximum hardness HRC55  (high-frequency quenching HRC58)

  2.45 Steel not to use carburizing heat treatment process.

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