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Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

Corrugation 76mm x 25mm

Corrugation 150mm x 50mm

Corrugation 300mm x 110mm

Corrugation 380mm x 140mm

Corrugation 200mm x 55mm

Corrugation 400mm x 150mm

Corrugation 75mm x 25mm

Corrugation 125mm x 25mm

Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

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Spiral Corrugated Pipe

Underground for drainage steel reinforced polyethylene (HDPE) pipe  continuous spiral Spiral Corrugated Pipe  pressed into the approximate shape of a  spiral steel ribs ^ wrapped in heat-sealed between the inner and outer layers of  polyethylene, the high degree of steel steel, high strength and poly ethylene  flexibility, corrosion resistance, wear together. Production diameter range  300-2200 mm, length 6-10 m, ring stiffness can reach SN8, SN12.5, SN16, SN18  four levels to make up for past large diameter plastic pipes buried in the  general ring stiffness SN8 only limit is reached.

The product can be connected using a variety of methods to adapt to  different project needs, to better meet the convenience of sealing reliability  and connectivity construction requirements.

MRP in achieving high performance while highlighting the advantages of  saving raw materials, can significantly reduce the cost than buried with full  plastic ring with a diameter steel pipes.

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