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Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

Corrugation 76mm x 25mm

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Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

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Key Construction Technologies of Corrugated Pipe Culvert

1.Corrugated pipe culvert’s construction season should control strict to prevent the freezing construction influence the engineering quality.
2.Pay attention to the foundation pit excavation and basal treatment
1)Before construction, determine accurately corrugated pipe culvert’s center and vertical and horizontal axis. And whether conform to the actual situation and the design drawings, such as, timely put forward to the supervision engineer, seeking treatment scheme.
2)Excavation to the design elevation, the detection of foundation bearing capacity, such as can not meet the design requirements, then in the basal 2.5 cmM7.5 mortar pad.
3)Excavation is completed, check the base size, height, and make the temporary drainage.
4)Culvert bottom of foundation embedment depth in addition to meet the design and specification requirements, also should be buried frozen offline not less than 0.25 meters.
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