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Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

Corrugation 76mm x 25mm

Corrugation 150mm x 50mm

Corrugation 300mm x 110mm

Corrugation 380mm x 140mm

Corrugation 200mm x 55mm

Corrugation 400mm x 150mm

Corrugation 75mm x 25mm

Corrugation 125mm x 25mm

Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

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Why the application of corrugated metal culvert is more and more widely

Corrugated metal culvert is an important connecting component in engineering technology, because of its many advantages, this is an important reason for its wide application.

Metal corrugated pipe joints between the flexible; has a good scalability, no blocking and stiffness; corrosion resistance to high temperature, good tensile properties. Also has many advantages.

Because the metal bellows has many advantages, so it is widely used, if you need our corrugated metal culvert, corrugated metal pipe culvert products, please contact us.

Corrugated metal culvert

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