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How to choose material for metal bellows

How to choose  corrugated metal culvert pipe?

The failure reasons of metal corrugated culvert pipe are analyzed by professional corrugated culvert pipe manufacturers, and it is found that the failure mainly occurs in the form of corrosion leakage and instability deformation, among which corrosion failure is the majority.

From the anatomic analysis of corrosion failure corrugated culvert pipe, it is found that corrosion failure usually consists of point corrosion perforation and stress corrosion cracking, among which chloride ion stress corrosion cracking accounts for 95% of the whole corrosion failure. Therefore, the correct selection of corrugated pipe as material and structure, reasonable design of waveform parameters and fatigue life, to ensure the quality of installation and other measures, can greatly improve the safety and reliability of stainless steel  corrugated metal culvert pipe.

The selection of corrugated culvert pipe material should meet the following conditions:

1. Good plasticity, easy to process corrugated culvert pipe, and through subsequent processing (cold hardening, heat treatment, etc.) to obtain enough hardness and strength.

corrugated culvert pipe

2. High elastic limit, tensile strength and fatigue strength, ensure the normal work of corrugated culvert pipe.

3. Good welding performance, meeting the welding process requirements of corrugated culvert pipe in the production process.

4. Good corrosion resistance, meet the requirements of corrugated culvert pipe working in different environments.

Corrugated material selection of stainless steel  corrugated metal culvert pipe:

1. Choose corrugated culvert pipe material according to the corrosion condition of medium, and refer to the corrosion table for specific selection.

2. According to customer requirements and experience

The above about " corrugated metal culvert pipe related introduction" and "metal corrugated culvert pipe material selection to be careful" introduction, hope to let you know " corrugated metal culvert pipe explanation and metal corrugated culvert pipe material selection should meet the conditions" bring help.

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