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Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

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Installation process of corrugated metal culvert

The corrugated metal culvert is a kind of corrugated pipe which is embedded in the culvert under the highway and railway. It is widely used in highway, railway, bridge, channel, retaining wall and various mine roadway, culvert retaining wall in engineering.

1, before installation work: check the bottom of the metal corrugated pipe culvert foundation level, level, elevation. Check the civil reference to determine the location of the culvert, the central axis, the midpoint.

2, the installation of metal corrugated pipe culvert: according to the actual situation of the culvert, the discharge of metal corrugated pipe culvert.

3, due to the site topography and other reasons, asbestos gasket.

4, metal corrugated pipe culvert wall seepage treatment.

5, use the jack to correct the whole metal corrugated pipe culvert, so that the center of the center line.

If you also need corrugated steel utility tunnel, corrugated steel headwalls etc. Welcome to contact us.

corrugated metal culvert

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