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Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

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The late maintenance of corrugated steel culvert

Corrugated steel culvert to be used later to do a good job of protection measures, so as to extend the service life of corrugated steel culvert, then the steel corrugated pipe culvert in the later period should be how to maintain?

1, corrugated culvert to cover up the protection, to prevent the wind and rain to make it premature aging.

2, open the corrugated pipe culvert to flat, to cut into oblique mouth.

3, corrugated pipe culvert joints do mark, after the tape to wrap tightly. Leak proof slurry.

4, welded steel reinforced corrugated pipe near the culvert, to use the method to protect corrugated culvert shall not be burned.

5,Stripping, pay attention to protect the ends of corrugated pipe culvert leakage.

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Corrugated steel culvert

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