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Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

Corrugation 76mm x 25mm

Corrugation 150mm x 50mm

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Corrugation 380mm x 140mm

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Corrugation 400mm x 150mm

Corrugation 75mm x 25mm

Corrugation 125mm x 25mm

Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

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There are several kinds of metal bellows forming process

Corrugated metal culvert is a kind of like the rules of the wave like pipe, below, we have to introduce some of these molding process.

Mechanical forming has the advantages of simple process, easy manufacture, high production efficiency, high production efficiency, etc.

Hydraulic forming is one of the most widely used and the most common forming method of metal bellows. Mainly used in the manufacture of ring corrugated metal pipe.

Rubber forming process is a kind of bulging process. It is based on rubber as the forming punch, under the pressure of the plastic punch deformation, the tube blank according to the concave mold cavity forming metal bellows, forming method is usually a single wave continuous forming.

Mechanical hydraulic forming is the first to use the tube blank rolling method to roll shape, and then the outward expansion of the hydraulic method to form a metal corrugated pipe forming method

Corrugated metal culvert

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