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Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

Corrugation 76mm x 25mm

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Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

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Corrugated metal pipe

Manufacturers of corrugated metal pipe provide a variety of drain pipe materials that can meet the needs of almost any application. 

We use galvanized steel, aluminized steel and galvanized steel coated with polymer to manufacture and supply round and dome-shaped corrugated pipes with diameters ranging from 6 inches to 144 inches. (In some places, a diameter of 192 inches is available. ) 012 spiral ribbed corrugated steel pipes are widely used in rainwater drainage pipes that require smooth inner pipes. Corrugated metal pipe(CMP Pipe) can be used in various configurations.

1、Corrugated metal pipecan be used as:




-under pass

-Ecological crossover

-pedestrian tunnel




-Ammunition shop

-Belt conveyor protection

-Ventilation duct

 -As well as the reinforcement and reconstruction of existing structures.

As long as proper backfilling is performed, a multi-board structure can be used for each type of service load. Depending on the piping environment and service life, CMP pipe offers homeowners and designers a wide selection of manufacturing options.CMP pipe offers users a product with proven strength, a predictable 100-year service life and unmatched fire resistance.

Customers have applied our best-selling Nestable Semicircular Corrugated Metal Pipe to the following situations:

With its wide range of available configurations, CMP pipe can be used in a variety of applications, such as:Culverts, storms, irrigation, agricultural drainage, pipes, fume hoods, power plant cooling lines, conveyor tunnels, utility pipes, infrastructure, culverts, sewers, service tunnels, recycling tunnels, rainwater retention/interception systems, rainwater pipes, small bridges Replacement, caisson and infrastructure, exposed trachea, sidewalks and animal passages, and material pipelines. Whether it's specialized fabrication, longer run times or demanding deadlines, CMP pipe is the most cost effective solution.

Here are our most popular Nestable Semicircular Corrugated Metal Pipes:

Corrugation 68mm x 13mm

Corrugation 76mm x 25mm

2. Steel

The steel used for corrugated steel pipes is produced in accordance with Chinese standards.

Minimum yield strength 235N/mm2 and 345N/mm2

Steel standards Q235 and Q345

Can also comply with EN10025

Steel standard S355JR, S235JR, S315MC

And other standard steels can be used according to customer requirements

The advantages of corrugated metal pipe include:

1、Cost and life

The economic solution for the initial and life cycle took more than 100 years, using various corrugated and wall thickness steel and aluminum pipes up to 144 inches in diameter. These choices allow designers to economically match the best materials to site conditions. Variable, multiple diameters, layout configurations and materials, which are unmatched by the versatility and flexibility of corrugated metal pipe design. Corrugated pipe is the "preferred" material for most piping, culvert and drainage system applications.

2、Installation of corrugated metal pipe

The accessories manufactured by the excellent hydraulic system can provide an excellent hydraulic system by minimizing the energy loss during the transportation and installation of the lightweight structure

3、Thickness and coating of corrugated metal pipe

Various thicknesses and coatings can provide reliable alternative durable coating options to meet your needs, including various coatings such as galvanized (galvanized), type 2 aluminizing, and polymer film. Choose the appropriate coating according to the applicable environment. In this case, more than 100 years of retention can be achieved.

4、The structure and strength of the corrugated metal pipe

A solid structure that can withstand the replacement of highly active and deeply buried soil layers-high strength-the strength of the interaction of the steel-soil structure is basically almost unlimited

5、The quality of corrugated metal pipe

From the verifiable data of product quality to the verifiable data report of the production steel plant, 100% traceability can be achieved

6、Corrugated metal pipe size

The size, long size and design size of the assembly accessories are varied, allowing the filling height to exceed 100 feet, and the minimum coverage as low as 12 feet. Standard bellows have various sizes, shapes, specifications and corrugated profiles, which can help designers meet every hydraulic and structural condition of each site.

7、The sustainability of corrugated metal pipes

Obtain sustainable products by using the most recycled materials in the world

The material of the corrugated metal pipe

Corrugated metal pipe are available in many different material types to economically meet the environmental and applicable conditions that meet the installation requirements.


Flexible structurePlate thicknessKinds of standard corrosion protectionRequired average min value(um)
plates≧6mmHot zinc galvanizing85
≧3mm do < 6mmHot zinc galvanizing70
≧1.5mm do < 3mmHot zinc galvanizing55
Bolts and nuts-Hot zinc galvanizing45

1、Aluminum alloy (minimum value is 75-100 years)

By covering each surface of the core with a high-grade aluminum alloy having a total thickness of 10% of the total thickness, the corrosion resistance can be further improved.

2、Type 2 aluminized steel pipe (minimum volume is 75-100 years)

The pipe is made of 1 inch per square inch aluminum-coated steel coil.

3、Asphalt coated galvanized steel

A uniform coating is applied to the inside and outside of the pipeline to expand the replacement of CSP galvanizing.

4、Galvanized steel (minimum 50 years)

Traditional galvanized CSP is produced from steel coils with two zinc coatings per square foot.

5、Polymer coated steel (at least 100 years old)

A 10 mil polymer film is pressed onto each surface of a galvanized steel coil to form a high-quality coating that is currently available. The protective film is strong

Depth of cover

The minimum allowable depth of cover is the largest of:

For roads H=B/8+0.2(m) H=B/6(m) and not less than 0.6(m)

For railways H=B/4 and not less than 0.6(m)

There is a possibility to reduce depth of cover provided that suitable checking calculations will be made.

Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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