The forming technology of the corrugated metal culvert pipe

Jul. 28, 2020

The corrugating is the key technology to manufacture the corrugated metal  culvert pipe. At present, the common methods are hydroforming, machinery,  rubber, welding and so on. The hydroforming and machinery is the common  technology for corrugated metal culvert pipe. It can be applied to the copper  alloy, stainless steel, elastic alloys and high temperature alloy material.

1. Hydroforming technology.

It is a wide and common technology for the corrugated metal culvert pipe. It  is mainly used to manufacture the spiral corrugated pipe, which can make the  corrugated pipe with 0.08-4mm wall thickness.

2. Machinery technology. This technology include the spinning, rolling and  machinery expand. Generally speaking, the advantages of the machinery technology  is simple, easy and high efficiency and so on. It is mostly used to the spiral  corrugated pipe, bellow expansion joint and corrugated pipe with large diameter  thick wall.

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