HDPE double wall bellows, hollow wall tubes, spiral bellows

Aug. 08, 2019

HDPE double wall bellows, hollow wall tubes, spiral bellows

1. HDPE double-wall bellows construction:

HDPE double-wall corrugated pipe supplied by Corrugated Culvert Pipe Supplier is formed by simultaneous extrusion of HDPE corrugated outer wall and a layer of smooth inner wall. The section of the pipe wall is a double-layer structure, with smooth and even inner wall, and the outer wall is a pipe with trapezoidal hollow structure arranged in equal moments.

Connection: mainly use rubber ring socket connection (or use thermal shrinkage belt connection).

Advantages: good ring stiffness and strength, toughness; Light weight, impact resistance, not easy to damage, and easy to transport and install. Due to the special design of double wall bellows, the material (HDPE) is the most economical under the condition of the same diameter and the same ring stiffness. Shortage: currently, the caliber of *** produced in China is only DN1200, which limits its promotion. HDPE hollow wall structure: HDPE hollow wall winding pipe is a kind of rectangular pipe blank produced from HDPE, which is welded and formed by winding. Due to its unique forming process, it can produce large diameter pipe with diameter up to 3000mm. Connection: the pipe connection mainly adopts hot melt belt connection mode. Advantages: impact resistance, not easy to damage, and easy to transport and install.

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Corrugated metal pipe avoid the construction of a variety of pipelines, pipelines and cables between the phenomenon. For the content that needs to be reserved and embedded in advance, it shall check and fill in the gaps on the professional drawings, correct mistakes and clarify the construction requirements, etc. According to the characteristics, design requirements, specifications and construction organization and design submitted by the contractor, the application for the commencement of drainage pipeline project shall be examined and approved, and detailed rules for project quality supervision shall be formulated. Strict acceptance system of the pipe, the end face of the pipe should be flat, perpendicular to the pipe axis, the pipe length direction should not be obvious bending phenomenon. Tube and rubber ring in the storage and transportation, should not be squeezed, so as to avoid deformation, and should be protected from direct impact of the sun and high temperature. In the construction of urban roads, regardless of the size of the project, safety facilities such as roadblocks and warning signs such as danger flags should be set up at both ends of the trench before digging. On the day can not be completed, the night should be hung red light, every 30m or so, the intersection of appropriate additional lights. The soil quality of the section should also be known before excavation.

Disadvantages: at the same diameter and reach the same ring stiffness, than the direct extrusion of double wall bellows consume more raw materials, therefore, its production cost is higher. HDPE hollow wall, (

HDPE) spiral structure: it is a structural wall tube made of polyethylene as the main raw material and processed by special extruding winding molding process. The corrugated metal pipe culvert is composed of three special structures: the inner layer is PE layer, the middle layer is plastic coated metal steel belt layer and the outer layer is PE layer. Plastic coated steel strip and inner and outer polyethylene layer in the melting state of compound, so that its organic integration.

Connection: welding connection, clamp connection and thermal shrinkage socket (for below DN120).

Advantages: good strength, not easy to corrosion. It can achieve the ring stiffness (up to 16kN/m2) that cannot be achieved by other plastic pipes with low cost.

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