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The causes of residual deformation of bellows elastic element

The causes of residual deformation of bellows elastic element are analyzed by Corrugated Culvert Pipe Supplier.

The elastic characteristic is a main performance index of bellows elastic element. Elastic elements used in instruments and measuring devices are generally designed to have a linear relationship between the output of the elements and the measured parameters (loads). In this way, a simple transmission amplification mechanism can be used to equalize the scale of the instrument. Bellows used in engineering (such as bellows expansion joints), sometimes in order to obtain a large displacement, so that the components work in the elastoplastic zone, there will be a large residual deformation.

The relationship between the displacement and the action load of the Corrugated Culvert Pipe elastic element in a specified displacement is called the elastic characteristic, and the displacement and load should be stored in the elastic range of the element material. Its elastic properties depend on the structure and loading mode of different elastic elements. The elastic properties of the element can be linear or nonlinear, which can be divided into increasing and decreasing properties. The residual deformation of corrugated metal pipe culvert and other elastic elements refers to the displacement of the element after loading, and the elastic element cannot return to its original position after unloading for quite a long time. Produces a deformed residual value. The residual deformation of the element is related to the working state, and will increase gradually as the tensile (or compression) displacement increases. Residual deformation is a parameter to determine the deformation capacity of elastic elements. For elastic sensitive elements, if a large residual displacement occurs after reaching the rated displacement value, it will affect the measuring accuracy of the instrument. Therefore, a limit value of residual deformation is generally given.

corrugated metal pipe culvert

Corrugated metal pipe culvert

With the development of high technology, people's requirements for products are getting higher and higher, like stainless steel bellows in the market response is good, applied in various fields, by many users of the favor, the main reasons for the following three:

1, stainless steel bellows in the quality of the top is good, our company's production of stainless steel bellows using special materials, high-tech skills to make, in the quality of the lower is relatively better than other home.

2. The insurance function of this kind of equipment is very high. Our customers will not have safety problems in the application process.

3. The material is very light, so as not to cause problems due to its weight in the process of use.

Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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