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Anticorrosive design requirements for steel corrugated culverts

Anticorrosive design requirements for steel corrugated culverts

1. The outer side of corrugated steel culvert hole is mainly soil corrosion, while the inner side is mainly water corrosion and atmospheric corrosion. The emphasis is on soil corrosion and water corrosion protection.

2. When selecting materials at the design stage, materials' data and corrosion characteristics in specific media should be fully possessed, and effective working experience and procedures should be fully utilized.

3. Corrosion design of the corrugated steel pipe should follow the principle of prevention and protection combined, according to the production process of the medium produced corrosive, environmental conditions, production operation management level and construction maintenance conditions, according to local conditions, different treatment, comprehensive choice of anti-corrosion measures. To endanger personal safety

Maintenance of difficult parts, as well as important load-bearing structures and components should be strengthened protection.

corrugated steel culvert

corrugated steel culvert

4. Fully understand the corrosion environment conditions, including:

(1) chemical factors: composition of the medium (including impurities), pH value, oxygen content, possible chemical reactions, etc.

(2) physical factors: temperature, flow rate, heating and heat dissipation conditions of the medium, force type and size, etc. Special attention should be paid to high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, impact load, alternating stress and other environmental conditions.

(3) in the design of anti-corrosion structure, it is also necessary to consider whether the shape of the structure and components as well as the combination of each other conform to the requirements of anti-corrosion, especially to prevent the local corrosion of each type.

The corrosion effect of corrugated steel pipe culvert hole should be considered from the following two aspects:

(1) correctly select materials, anti-corrosion methods and service life of structures, and deal with the relationship between them and engineering economy.

(2) consider the damage or anti-corrosion measures during installation, fully consider the fatigue limit of the joint action of stress and corrosion, and fully consider the stress loss caused by the corrosion of the joint.

Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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