Design And Selection of Corrugated Metal Pipes

Jul. 19, 2023

According to the given conditions given by the system, the material of the corrugated pipes is selected, the structure of the corrugated pipes, geometric parameters and performance parameters. When the corrugated metal pipe manufacturers during the selection process, the system's requirements for the use of corrugated pipes should be fully met, and the structure should be advanced and reasonable. Practice has proved that the design and selection of the corrugated pipe is very important. If the design and selection is not reasonable, no matter how high the quality of the corrugated pipe is, it cannot meet the requirements for use.

1. Determine the type of structure

(1) Select the corrugated shape

According to the use, performance, requirements of the corrugated pipe, and the performance and manufacturing characteristics of various waveforms to choose a more reasonable corrugated shape. Under normal circumstances, most choose U-shaped corrugations.

(2) Determine the number of corrugated pipes layers

The number of layers of the corrugated pipes is determined according to the use of the corrugated metal pipes, working pressure, stiffness, working medium and other factors. In the case of high working pressure, multi-layer corrugated pipes are generally selected. For multi-layer corrugated pipes, the number of layers and the wall thickness of a single layer need to be selected reasonably.

(3) Preliminary assessment of whether to use it with other elastic components

In some cases, the corrugated pipes and the coil spring are used in parallel. These situations are: in order to improve the measurement accuracy; the working pressure is relatively high; the case of impact load.

(4) Choose the structure type of the two ends of the corrugated pipes

When choosing the structural type of the two ends of the corrugated pipes, we must consider the forming process, welding process, and structural limitations of the entire system.

(5) Consider whether a guide is needed

When the effective length of the corrugated pipes is relatively long, in order to avoid columnar instability during the work process, it is necessary to consider adding a guide device. For example, valve corrugated pipes are generally provided with guides.

(6) Consider whether a strengthening ring is needed

In order to meet the requirements of higher working pressure, the corrugated pipes can be reinforced with a reinforcing ring, or a multilayer structure, or a combination of these two structures can be applied. The reinforcement ring is locally reinforced, and the multi-layer structure is reinforced as a whole.

Corrugated Metal Pipe

2. Design calculation and selection of structural parameters of corrugated pipes

The performance of the corrugated pipe depends on the structure of the corrugated pipe. The main structural parameters of the corrugated pipe include the inner diameter, outer diameter, wall thickness, wave distance, wave thickness, wave number, number of layers, the size of the mating parts at both ends, the effective length, and the total length. . In general, users of corrugated pipes should choose corrugated pipes from the product samples of relevant standards and manufacturing units, rather than designing new products. This can minimize development problems while reducing manufacturing costs and cycle times.

3. Design and calculate the performance parameters of corrugated pipes

After the main structural size parameters of the corrugated pipe are determined through design calculation or selection, the performance parameters of the corrugated pipe are designed and calculated. If the performance parameters of the corrugated pipes cannot meet the technical requirements, the geometrical dimensions of the corrugated pipes should be appropriately modified. Corrugated pipes have different technical requirements and different design requirements. Corresponding design methods should be formulated according to different requirements. The corrugated pipes used for measurement usually require rigidity, strength and elastic properties. Although various corrugated pipes with different geometric shapes and size parameters can meet the same stiffness requirements, the stress values generated in these corrugated pipes are different. Those that meet the stiffness requirements and produce the least stress during work are the most reasonable. The reduction of stress not only improves the safety factor, but also reduces the impact of material elasticity on hysteresis, aftereffect, fatigue, etc., thereby improving the accuracy and reliability of the corrugated pipes.

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