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Corrugated Metal Pipe

Corrugated Metal Pipe

In the bridge prestressed bellows project, the use of metal corrugated pipecan be said to be very widespread, which is useful and economical, and has become a lot of users. However, the equipment process of the metal bellows also requires professional equipment operators to equipment according to the specifications, so as to ensure the later use of the metal bellows. The following gives us a specific summary and explanation of the equipment precautions for the metal corrugated pipe:

1. Asbestos mat:

Because of the site terrain and other reasons, sometimes the isolation between two adjacent flanges is small. At this time, some tools are needed to achieve better use. At this time, use a hammer and chisel to make the two flanges Cut a gap of about 25px between the two flanges. The gap must be well mastered to achieve a better effect. Use a screwdriver to insert the asbestos pad between the two flanges. Sometimes the two flanges on the top of the pipe are separated by a large distance. The asbestos pad is difficult to inlay if it is well mastered. It is only necessary to tie the asbestos pad to the bolt with a tie wire and fix it. Then the worker initially tightens the screws symmetrically. Only a gap of 2-75px between the two flanges can be seen from the outside.

2. Metal corrugated pipe for connecting equipment:

According to the actual situation of the culvert, the situation is very complicated, and the metal bellows is discharged. The application situation is different. If the water inlets on both sides of the culvert are not inclined at the same slope as the roadbed, there are many ways. When equipment is installed, the central pipe section is first installed, and the direction of the inlet and outlet is left in the length of the foundation. There are many kinds. All the equipment in the center pipe section is finished, and the water inlet and outlet on both sides of the equipment after proofreading.

3. Work before equipment:

Check whether the length and diameter of each pipe section of the metal corrugated pipe are consistent with the culvert. They must fit together, and prepare the equipment and accessories. In any case, it is necessary to work together to achieve better operating conditions. The flatness, level, and elevation of the bottom of the metal bellows should be checked, the civil engineering benchmarks should be checked, and the culvert position, central axis, and midpoint should be determined. After using it, you can reach a better situation, and this effect is better.

4. Corrugated metal pipeanti-seepage treatment than the surface and the inside:

The wall of the metal bellows is coated with emulsified asphalt in two coats. From the outside, the wall of the metal bellows can be evenly coated with black pipes. The functions of the metal bellows are many. Generally, the thickness of the asphalt coating should reach 1mm. 

Prestressed bellows are mainly divided into metal bellows and plastic bellows. Metal bellows are mainly composed of two materials, one is black steel belt, the other is galvanized steel belt.

The processing technology is mainly machined with corrugated pipes, with wavy ports and mutual occlusion, making them round by round.

Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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