The Advantages Of Metal Bellows Culverts

May. 10, 2021

The Advantages Of Metal Bellows Culverts

There are some advantages of metal bellows culverts.

1) Convenient installation on site, no need to use large-scale equipment.

2) It is helpful to solve the frost damage problem of the concrete structure of the northern bridge and pipe culvert.

3) Reduce the amount of cement, yellow sand, stones, and wood, which is of environmental protection significance.

4) The structure is reasonably stressed, the load is evenly distributed, and it has a certain resistance to deformation. It has strong adaptability to the deformation of the foundation, and lower requirements for the bearing capacity and flatness of the foundation.

5) Adopt standardized design, simple production design and short production cycle. The factory concentrates production, the production is not affected by the environment, the performance is stable, the installation is convenient, and it is good for quality control.

6) The actual construction cost of the project is close to or lower than the same span culvert.

7) Short construction period is the most obvious advantage. Civil engineering and pipe joint installation can be implemented separately and then assembled as a whole.

8) It is beneficial to improve the "staggered vehicle jump" phenomenon at the junction of soft soil foundation structure and embankment, improve driving comfort and safety, and reduce the cost of post-operation operation and maintenance.

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