Characteristics Of Corrugated Steel Culvert

Jun. 16, 2021

Characteristics Of Corrugated Steel Culvert

Corrugated steel culvert is a form in which steel corrugated pipes or corrugated plates are connected and assembled into a culvert. Corrugated steel culvert can not only adapt to the environment of foundation deformation, but also solve the problem of uneven settlement. Especially in frozen soil, expansive soil, collapsible loess area and geotechnical engineering projects, construction also has many advantages and broad application prospects. Corrugated steel culvert has the characteristics of good adaptation to uneven foundation settlement, convenient construction, quick construction, and easy control of construction quality. It can be used in highway engineering, bridge engineering, underground engineering, geotechnical engineering, hydropower engineering and other fields.

In fact, the spiral corrugated metal pipe also has the characteristics of good technical performance, low year-on-year price, convenient construction, etc., with a strong market competitiveness.

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Spiral Corrugated Pipe

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