The Use Of Corrugated Culvert

Jul. 26, 2021

The Use Of Corrugated Culvert

Although metal corrugated culvert pipe has many advantages, if it is installed improperly or used unreasonably, it will not be able to achieve the desired effect and even bring about economic losses. The following items must be paid attention to when using or modifying:

1. To prevent the metal corrugated culvert from being subjected to torsion and shearing force, special attention should be paid when screwing the joint nut.

2. Reasonably select the actual bending radius R. R can be selected as follows: R=KRmin. Allowable minimum bending radius for corrugated culvert. K is the empirical coefficient. If the K value is selected too small, the hose diameter will be repeatedly bent, which is prone to fatigue failure and stress concentration; if the K value is too large, it will cause material waste and difficulty in layout. Generally selected in the range of 1~2.2.

3. In the process of use, ensure that the hose braided mesh sleeve is not mechanically damaged by knocks, bumps, abrasions, and bumps.

metal corrugated culvert

4. Correctly choose the nominal length L of the metal corrugated culvert. The price of corrugated culvert is higher. If the length is too long, it will increase unnecessary investment, increase flow resistance, and may cause additional vibration. However, if the length is not enough, it is easy to bend at the joint welding seam, and the metal corrugated culvert cannot work in the natural bending state, and the service life will be shortened. For the metal corrugated culvert configured with two parallel sections moving longitudinally, it should be determined as follows: L=4R ten 0.5S+△ where: R is the actual bending radius of the hose; S is the distance between the opening and closing positions of the hot plate ;△The height difference between the opening and closing position of the hot plate and the fixed joint end of the hose. Obviously, the fixed end of the metal corrugated culvert is set at the center height of the opening and closing position of the pressure plate, and L is the shortest.

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