The Application of the Metal Corrugated Pipe(1)

Jul. 28, 2020

The feature of the corrugated metal culvert pipe is that it can produce the  corresponding displacement under the pressure, axial force, lateral force or  bending moment. Besides it also has characteristics of the pressure resistance,  vacuum sealing, corrosion resistance, temperature stability and long service  life. So the metal corrugated pipe can be applied in many fields.

1) It can be applied as the elastic sensitive element of the instrument.

It has high requirement on the elastic characteristics of corrugated pipe.  Corrugated pipe used as the elastic sensitive element is basically to turn  pressure into the displacement output or turn pressure into concentration  output. Turning the pressure into concentration output refer to the corrugated  pipes has little transformation or with no displacement, so the stress is less  than the output displacement of corrugated pipe stress on the ripples.  Therefore, the force balance type corrugated pipes as elastic sensitive element  of instrument will be with very high reliability and precision. This is the  reason why we use the balanced corrugated pipe as the elastic sensitive element  in the measuring instruments.

corrugated metal culvert, which used as the elastic sensitive element in the  instruments, should adopt the small value of the stiffness when it is  designed.

It can control and measure the temperature through the corrugated tube in the  process of displacement of the inner cavity volume change (or external).

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