The Advantages of the Corrugated Metal Culvert

Jul. 28, 2020

Hengshui Yitong Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. is professional corrugated culvert  pipes manufacturer, was founded in 1998, 600 employees. After 14 years of  growth, Hengshui Yitong Pipe Industry Co.,Ltd. became the most comprehensive  leading corrugated culvert pipes manufacturer.

There is the  advantages of the corrugated matel culvert.

1. Durability

Using a permanent anti-corrosion coating (600g / m of hot-dip galvanized  coating) to add other anti-corrosion coating, the durability can reach up to 100  years.

As to the environment: rural location, tropical seas, oceans, cities,  industrial zones.

2. The construction period is short, easy to install on-site.

Compared with the concrete structure: simple assembly project, the average  duration can be shortened by 60%.

Light weight, all assembly methods, easy installation and removal  processes.

For emergency work: flood reconstruction works, temporary bridge,  sidewalk.

Reduce grievances caused by the construction.

Effectively shorten the construction period, the average construction cost  savings of 20%.

3. Deformation ability

Flexible structure are suitable for soft soil, expansive soil, collapsible  land;

Little damage to the environment, conducive to environmental protection;

Minimizing damage to the surrounding environment;

Reducing the usage of natural aggregate, removal of steel can be reused.

4. Saving project Cost

Long service life

Short construction period

Reduce the cost of repairing the surrounding environment. All steel is used,  saving the cost of waste.

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