Assembling of the corrugated metal culvert pipe

Jul. 28, 2020

The corrugated metal culvert pipe can be applied in many areas with its good  performance. For examples: it can be applied in the high speed road and railway  tunnel construction, the flood protection projects, etc. Before assembly of the  corrugated metal culvert pipe, bottom shape under the culvert have to be proper  with the same shape like a bottom plates of culvert - it is mean with the same  radius. As a foundation properly compacted aggregate about 30cm thick should be  used. Last layer inserted between the culvert and foundation have to be made  with clean and not compacted sand to allow the corrugations to be uniformly.

Assembling should be following instructions and assembly drawings supplied  with each structure, which gives both and exact position of each plates and the  progressive order of assembly.

The plates should positioned with the help of lifting equipment(e.g. crane).  Then a small number of bolts is inserted to keep assembled plates in the correct  position.

The corrugated metal culvert pipe can be positioned exactly thanks to taper  pins and handles, included in the supply. When corrugated metal culvert pipe assembly is competed, the bolts are tightened up to the required torque.

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