Application of the corrugated metal pipe

Jun. 22, 2016

The characteristics of the corrugated metal pipe is able to produce the  corresponding displacement, and pressure, vacuum sealing, corrosion resistance,  temperature stability and long service life under the pressure, axial force,  transverse force or bending moment. Therefore, it has been widely used in many  industrial areas, including sensitive components for the instruments of  flexibility.

As the sensitive components of the elastic corrugated metal pipe elastic  properties of a very high demand. Corrugated metal pipe used for the elastic  sensing element is basically the pressure into a displacement output or the  pressure becomes concentrated force output. Pressure into concentrated force  output corrugated pipe deformation is small or almost no displacement, so stress  in the corrugated is smaller than stress on the output displacement of the  corrugated pipe corrugation. The elastic aftereffect, the hysteresis effect  didn’t have.

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