Corrugated Steel Pipe Roughly Installing Operation

Feb. 06, 2017

1 Pre-installation work:Check the bottom of the corrugated steel pipe base flatness,level elevation.Check the civil basis,and determine the culverts position,the center axis,the midpoint.

2 Connect and install the corrugated steel pipe:In accordance with the actual situation of the culvert, rrange to place the corrugated metal pipe.Installed from one side of the emissions first root canal section,section by section,in turn connected per corrugated metal pipe intermediate tube section priorities,they can be connected.

3 Inlaid asbestos mat.

4 Impervious wall inside and outside processing:The wall of the internal and external coating of emulsified  sphalt or hot asphalt two the uniform wall inside and outside painted clarinet can be viewed from the outside.Usually asphalt coating thickness to achieve a 1mm.

5 Jack the correction entire corrugated steel pipe to make its center under the center line .


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