The adhibition of corrugated metal pipe culverts

Jun. 22, 2016

   Steel corrugated pipe culvert thin steel plate corrugated surface pressure,  the volume made the pipe section, you can increase the stiffness of the pipe  section and the strength of resistance to the pressure of the tube axis; factory  hot-dip galvanizing process and the construction site spraying asphalt the  double-layer anti-corrosion treatment to ensure the service life; the culverts  built this pipe section is referred to as corrugated steel pipe culvert.  Practice has proved that, instead of reinforced concrete with a corrugated metal  pipe culverts culvert construction has its incomparable advantages, both from  the construction period, the construction cost, and environmental significance,  and corrugated metal pipe culvert culvert construction, can greatly improve the  road Driving comfort and safety, and to avoid the culvert in the road "wrong  Bump" betray oneself, help solve the problem of the northwest Territories cold  frost damage to the structure of concrete pipe culverts.

  The highway engineering culverts general production of reinforced concrete.  Now corrugated metal pipe culverts in place reinforced concrete culvert  construction in the country when a new technology, the corrugated metal pipe  culverts its stable performance, easy installation, environmentally-friendly,  low cost advantages quickly reinforced concrete construction in the highway  construction instead of culverts, development prospects are very bright.

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