The application of corrugated steel culvert

Jan. 25, 2017

Corrugated metal pipe culverts first born in the United Kingdom (1784),in  1896 the United States took the lead in corrugated steel path,corrugated steel  culvert feasibility study and first used in culverts,in 1913 first corrugated  steel culvert is applied to Scotland Edinburgh neighborhood irrigation,1923  American Railway Engineering Association in Illinois central Railroad for  corrugated steel path test,in 1929 Canada's first culverts path for a coal  mine.In 1931 the Australian first built 8m auto access,in 1990,"Nippon  Expressway design specifications" developed a corrugated steel culvert design  and technical specifications.With the corrugated pipe culvert installation  around the world,it demonstrate that the versatility of this structure under  various operating conditions,and its life expectancy has exceeded the design  life.


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