Advantages of Spiral corrugated culvert pipe

Jun. 22, 2016

Spiral corrugated culvert pipe apply to storm sewers , stream enclosures or bridges and bridge are some advantages.

1.Our protucts has both rigid and flexible ;stucforce structure is reasonable  force, load distribution ,has a certain resistance to deformation

2.The use of standardized designs,factory-scale production ;short production  cycle.high efficiency.helps reduce costs and improve quslity .

3.on-site installation of speed ,short construction period ,social economic  benifit.

4.year-round not subject to seasonal effects.not  environmental impact.

5.Spiral corrugated culvert pipe can effectively solve the freezing cold north area of concrete bridges and  culverts due to repeated failure problems.

6.especially for loading soil ,expansive soil, loess and other special areas,  to aviod distortion caused by uneven ground settlement of the culvert  damage.

7.reduction of cement. sand,gravel and other conventional building materials  used.environmentally significant.

8.compared with concrete bridges and culverts,the same span of the corrugated  steel bridge and lower total cost .

9.a small post maintenance work,maintenance and low cost.

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