The application of the corrugated metal culvert

Jul. 28, 2020

The corrugated metal culvert can be used as the vacuum seal of the vacuum  switch. Vacuum switch is the switch gear. Its main contact is in the vacuum  arc-extinguishing chamber, and the corrugated metal culvert is the key part.  With the corrugated metal culvert, it can not only switch the contact with the  external mechanical force from vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber, but also can  keep the entirely seal. Every contact of the vacuum switch will cause the  displacement of the corrugated metal culvert. If the displacement is too wide  and frequent, the corrugated metal culvert is easily to damage. The corrugated  metal culvert is a key part of the vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber. So the  fatigue life of the corrugated metal culvert decide the service life of the  vacuum arc-extinguishing chamber.

The fatigue life of the corrugated metal culvert is related with its  structure and material, as well as the application condition. As to the same  corrugated metal culvert, same vacuum switch, if we want to extend the fatigue  life, we need to reduce the operating stroke or clearance between open contacts.  In order to ensure the service life of the vacuum switch, the displacement of  the corrugated metal culvert needs to be reasonable.

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