The Design of Corrugated Pipe Culvert

Jun. 22, 2016

The design process of Corrugated pipe culvert is by calculating the load acting on the pipe surface,to determine the allowable compressive stress, then choose to meet this requirement culvert parameters, parameters including wavelength,wave height, tube thickness, diameter, etc. Before the design, site survey should be carried out to determine the locations of Corrugated pipe culvert in this process. in addition to the characteristics of soil and drainage issues to consider, but should also consider the cost of construction and maintenance costs when after completion. Design should consider the following aspects:
1.According to hydrology and hydraulics, to determine the structure, size, shape, linear, and the slope of Corrugated pipe culvert
2.Strength of the structure can be sufficient to meet the embankment and live load pressure while being able to resist the flow of stamping
3.Choose the right material, the Corrugated pipe culvert avoid wear and tear
4.The initial material and installation and maintenance costs, as well as additional costs each year.

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