New spiral corrugated metal pipe

Jun. 22, 2016

Discloses Tube heat exchanger and coaxial heat exchanger use spiral corrugated metal pipe. New spiral corrugated metal pipe is to use a corrugated metal pipe, the material is copper, titanium, stainless steel, copper-nickel alloy, etc. Between the end of the metal tube from the tube without damage to the device is compressed into the pressure tube spiral corrugated. With the prior art comparison,because the new pitch is much smaller, in the same length of spiral corrugated metal pipe refrigerant flows through a much longer trip, coupled with the utility model thread depth also increased, so the heat exchange area can also increase the heat exchange more fully, the amount of metal consumed to heat savings and lower production costs.
Hengshui Yitong of production experience bellows, corrugated metal pipe resistance to deformation and strong. we produce spiral corrugated metal pipe which is quality guarantee, reasonable price, is recognized and trusted by the majority of customers.

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