Company's Environmental and Cultural

Jun. 22, 2016

As a person, a business, we plays an irreplaceable role in promoting social  development. We are a pillar of strength for social development and human  progress. Therefore, HengShui YiTong Metal Products CO.,lTD. should proceed from  the corporate culture, a corporate culture means start from each employee,  practical understanding of the significance of energy saving and a major role in  each of the member companies organize themselves firmly huddled, from R & D,  manufacturing, production and other aspects of links to begin understanding, to  improve, to implement energy saving theme. Promote energy conservation and  environmental protection, to conserve existing energy consumption, promoting the  development of new green energy, benefit of society.


As the production of giant metal bellows, our company has always been the  saving and environmental protection as a top priority for enterprise  development. In Yitong workshop, you will not see a lot of consumption of water,  electricity, raw materials, coal equivalent, the pollution and destruction of  coal combustion process produces a large number of gas on the environment. My  company in order to reduce energy consumption, take a variety of environmental  initiatives.

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