Corrugated Pipe Culvert

Jun. 22, 2016

 Our corrugated metal pipe have greater strength, widely used in highway and  railway stormwater culvert. Culvert pipe ideal for driveways and access roads.  Four times stronger than HDPE plastic culvert pipe and 10 times lighter than  concrete pipe. Corrugated Metal Pipe provides the strength that most projects  require. This product features durability, versatility,strength, and a structure  that ensures a long life for use.

The strength of Corrugated Metal Pipe stems from the corrugations that are  engineered into the product during the manufacturing process.



125mm×25mm 150mm×50mm 200mm×55mm

There's a variety of applications, such as culverts, storm water detention  systems, storm sewers, and small bridges use Corrugated pipe culvert. Standard  fittings such as elbows, saddles, and reducers, specially fabricated manholes,  catch basins are available to meet specific project requirements.

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