Corrugated Metal Pipe

Jun. 22, 2016

 Despite the corrugated pipe that the company produces in Hengshui, we contact  many fields such as the instrument and apparatus, spaceflight aviation,  petrochemical industry, electric electron, auto industry, nuclear power, solar  thermal network engineering and so on. Our products have been sold to South  Korea , India, Europe , America and other countries, sold more than two dozen  cities in China, and won high praise from the industry at home and abroad.

In today's infrastructures, corrugated metal pipes are increasingly employed  instead of concrete culverts. The basic reason of the change is that it costs  less but serves longer than any other concrete structure.

Corrugated metal pipes can be used as small bridges, underpasses of highway  or railway, grader separations and animal crossing bridges in transportation  fields.

For Perennial Frozen Soil Area, the time is limited to project. How to finish  a culvert within limited time? Corrugated Metal Pipes is the optimum choice.  Although it is fabricated in the factory or on job site, the construction time  is significantly reduced. In addition, corrugated steel pipes are flexible and  will not be affected by the cold weather.

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