The surface treatment of the corrugated metal culvert pipe

Jul. 28, 2020

1. Copper alloy surface treatment process.

The copper alloy corrugated metal culvert pipe surface treatment process  include the oil removing, loosen oxide skin, acid pickling, and passivation.

2. Stainless steel surface treatment process.

The stainless steel corrugated steel culvert pipe surface treatment includes  the oil removing, loosen oxide skin and acid picking.

3.The plastic process of the corrugated metal culvert pipe.

We need to modify it because of the difference of the tube wave distance and  hte wave mode which are caused by the elastic recoil. As to the metal culvert  pipe made of the work hardening material, there are two ways to modify the  pipes. One way is by handwork, the other is by machinery.

4.The stabilizing treatment process of the corrugated metal culvert pipe.

During the process of the culvert pipe, the internal stress can make the  elastic and size unstable. The stability treatment process is aim to keep its  size and performance.

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