Steel Culvert

Jun. 22, 2016

Corrugated steel pipe culvert with a short construction time, low cost,  small perturbations of the foundation, on the basis of low demand, adapt to the  deformation and good performance, especially for road culverts special  foundation remote areas and areas of permafrost, soft soil, etc., as a new form  of road culverts. Steel culverts bellows mechanical tests which carried out in  the Field has many limitations, many researchers researche steel corrugated pipe  culverts on the basis of the mechanical properties of the field tests on the use  of finite element analysis program corrugated steel culvert pipe stress analysis  for calculation of deformation, the calculated results and the field measured  values were compared to establish reasonable finite element model, using the  finite element method systematically analyzed that the mechanical properties of  steel corrugated steel culvert pipe becomes feasible. To make steel culvert  applicability become a reality.

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