Metal Culvert

Jun. 22, 2016

Metal Culvert is an alternative to round culvert, arch culvert and road  bridges high-quality building materials, can be used on road and rail cross  passages, tunnels, culverts, drainage channels and bunkers and other  projects.

Metal Culvert was born in 1784 in the United Kingdom; 1896 United States  took the lead in research corrugated steel culvert, and the first for culverts;  1913 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK waveform steel used in irrigation; 1923 American  Railway Engineering Association in Illinois central Railway tested Metal Culvert  channels; 1929 Canada will corrugated steel culvert for coal; 1931 Australia  referred to eight meters automotive channel; 1948 U.S. installed in Shanghai's  Pudong district diameter corrugated steel culvert 1 meter was used for military  sidewalk (September 1998 excavation). After one hundred years of foreign  research and application, the technology of Metal Culvert is mature.

Application has been extended road culverts, channels, bridges, water  seepage wells, temporary pavement, the old bridge and culvert repair. Municipal  drains, municipal co-ditch, coal pipelines and other fields.

Applications from abroad situation, corrugated steel culvert with  applicable capabilities, instead of the traditional approach has a great  advantage, the application has a promising future.

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