Corrugated Steel Pipe

Jun. 22, 2016

   Flexible thin-walled cylindrical shell with a bellows is a transverse  corrugations, its production history of more than one hundred years. Until  World War II, Corrugated Steel Pipe was used as the instrument, the instrument 's sensitive element  elastic coupling element and various types of pipes, is now widely used in  mining, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, heat, marine, aerospace  and other engineering equipment , from sealing, vibration absorption, noise  reduction, energy storage, thermal compensation and dielectric isolation effect.  Bellows many forms, the shape of the waves, the U- shaped bellows of the most  widely followed as well as C -type, type, rectangular and S -type, etc. On  the floors, is divided into single-and multi- layer of the bellows;  additionally with reinforcing rings may be based on whether the bellows into has  reinforced and non- reinforced bellows two forms. Under normal  circumstances, under large deformation and low status are more U- shaped bellows, and in the small deformation and high pressure using a reinforcing ring  bellows. As for the type of bellows, under the action of internal pressure ,  bending stress, less prone to plane instability, it is particularly suitable  for high pressure, small deformation, large diameter occasions. The main  method of manufacturing bellows have rolling, stamping and hydroforming. In  split mode using the liquid medium as forming a multi- wave molding method is  one kind of advanced technology methods, it has rapid prototyping, saving raw  materials, processing and simple, widely used in the manufacture of small  diameter bellows. For large diameter corrugated pipe, usually use roll  manufacturing method .

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