Corrugated Metal Tube Structure

Jun. 22, 2016

  Properties of the Corrugated Metal Tube depends on its structure. Different  structure bring different properties. Different structure reflects on the wave,  the wave pattern means axially cut and shape the corrugated pattern. Corrugated  Metal Tube basically are U-shaped C-type, Ω-and S. Typically in order to improve  it’s capacity of bearing and reducing stiffness, has introduced multi-Corrugated  Metal Tube and Corrugated Metal Tube reinforcing ring. Overall, Circular  cross-section for the ability to withstand high pressure is excellent, but the  allowable displacement is smaller. U-shaped cross-section allows a larger  displacement but pressure capacity is relatively low. In general, the  application of internal wave is generally U-shaped Corrugated Metal Tube.  Withstand high working pressure and larger displacement conditions, using  multi-layer corrugated U-shaped structure. C-shaped Corrugated Metal Tube  stiffness greater sensitivity differential nonlinearity error, commonly used as  a sealing element isolation or flexible couplings. Ω-and S-shaped Corrugated  Metal Tube are used in high job stress, job displacement smaller occasions.

  What kind of Corrugated Metal Tube to choose when you need to use it in the  high pressure?



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