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Metallic Corrugated Culvert Hole Forms

The Metallic Corrugated Culvert hole in the form of corrugated steel  culverts are character -wall, side wall, cone sloping corridor-style, tilt and  extend the type and dustpan straight tube type. Metallic Corrugated Culvert Hole  should be based on the flow characteristics and topography and rivers embankment  section form, selected in accordance with good form, good import and export  processing plays an important role in ensuring the smooth flow of the culvert  and embankment stability of flow. Which character wall, tilt and extend straight  pipe culvert type bellows design and construction of the most commonly used.

Character wall openings of gravity wall structure, which is characterized  by: simple structure, building structure more beautiful; better hydraulic  performance, simple construction, small quantities. Commonly used in flat and  straight, longitudinal elevation small brook. When a high wall, A large masonry  volume increases, the use of inadequate economic, then you can consider using  tilting or straight pipe to extend the ceremony.

Inclined hole steel bellows is processed into the ends of the same slope  and embankment slope. Structure is simple, seamless and embankment protection  works, representing savings of character cave wall materials suitable for water  flow through the culvert squeeze much smaller beam and flow, when the flow rate  increases, the response to the positive side be paved embankment slope  reinforcement.

When a larger diameter or wider ditches, culverts can be extended beyond  the embankment slope extending to form a straight pipe to extend the type hole.  This hole is not required on the slope for processing, import and export as  needed within a certain range of paving, culverts on both sides and the top of  the range, slope backfill material should adopt the block, stone tablets to  prevent water erosion threatening roadbed.

Other forms, such as side -wall, sloping cone and corridor-style structure  is relatively simple, should be selected according to the actual needs of the  project. Dustpan type hole suitable for flow rates faster, larger flow wide and  shallow rivers, the structure is relatively complex, poor hydraulic performance,  apply special terrain.

Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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