Classification of Corrugated pipe culvert

Nov. 21, 2017

Corrugated pipe culvert also was called Anular Corrugated Steel Pipe.May be you have heard it's various name,But do you know the classification of Corrugated pipe culvert.The following is the classification that i know,if there something was left, welcome to receive your suggestion

1, according to the classification of assembly

① pre-installed corrugated pipe culvert

② assembled corrugated pipe culvert

2, according to the shape classification

① round ② oval ③ arched

3, according to the connection classification

① flange connection ③ plate lap ④ clamp connection

4, according to processing methods classification

①  strip rolling spiral spiral into a round connection welding

② snap forming Spiral Corrugated Culvert

③ pipe suppression corrugated two-step corrugated pipe

Corrugated pipe culvert

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