Connection method of HDPE Corrugated Culvert Pipe

Jul. 19, 2023

Generally the method of HDPE Corrugated Culvert Pipe divided into: sleeve connection, socket connection, heat shrinkable belt connection of three. According to the actual construction conditions, to take Different connections, such as serious water seepage trench, the general use of sleeve connection and socket connection of these two.

Corrugated Culvert Pipe

Sleeve connection

The classification of the sleeve, generally divided into glass and steel PE sleeve. Fiberglass sleeve material is processed from glass fiber and gel coat, the inside and outside the wall smooth, coated with a layer of paint, the hardness is larger than the bellows. Suitable for all sizes of pipe;PE sleeve material is PE, the inner and outer walls of the smooth, good toughness, suitable for the diameter of 500 within the pipe. Requires strict sealing of the pipeline, such as in the sewer, PE sleeve is not generally recommended, it is recommended to use fiberglass sleeve;

Sleeve connection installation procedure 

Inspection - Lower pipe - Clean - Install the seal - Install the sleeve - Clean and lubricate - Connect the corrugated culvert pipe - Review

Socket connection

Connection interface

The socket connection interface mainly includes the green lead interface, asbestos cement interface, expandable filler interface, rubber ring interface, etc.

Connection method

The socket pipe is divided into two kinds: rigid socket connection and flexible socket connection.

A rigid socket connection is to insert the socket of the pipe into the socket of the pipe, and after alignment, first, use the inlay material to inlay the seam. Then it is sealed with sealing material to make it a solid and closed whole.

Flexible socket joints are made by placing a flexible rubber ring on the stopper of the pipe socket and then inserting the plug end of the pipe with force. It forms a closed pipe that can adapt to a certain range of displacement and vibration.

Corrugated culvert pipe

Heat shrinkable belt connection

1. Check whether the butt section of the two belt connections is flat. The local gap is less than 6mm after the two end surfaces are brought together.

2. Overhead the ends of the two bands, so that it is a distance from the ground or trench wall. Put the heat-shrinkable tape on one end of the two pipes to be connected and pull it until it is more than 500mm from the connection end.

3. Grinding. The cylindrical surface layer of the two tubes to be connected is roughly sanded 120 mm from the docking surface. The crest and trough should be roughly ground with a wire brush. Less than half the length of the wave section is to be polished. The shape of the wire brush should be the same as the shape of the bellows.

4. Wipe the polished end of the corrugated culvert pipe with a clean cloth. Fix the two pairs of tube ends to each other without misalignment.

5. Heat the joint and the welding rod with a small red flame or a small hot-air beam from a small nozzle. Weld more than four evenly on the surroundings to connect the two tubes fixed.

6. Preheat the circumference of the two pipe ends with a red flame. The surface temperature reaches 40℃-50℃. The surface temperature can be monitored with a surface thermometer. Wrap and bake the reinforced fiber heat-shrinkable tape around the joint at the same time. It must be wrapped around the circumference for at least one week and lapped firmly. Preheat both ends of the tube to within the sanding line so that the surface temperature reaches 40°C - 50°C.

7. Carefully move the heat-shrinkable tape inside the sanded surface at one end. The distance from the starting heating point to the butt surface is about 1/3 of the length of the heat shrink tube, and the protective paper layer inside the tube is removed. The other end of the heat shrink sleeve is supported by a wedge made of anti-adhesive material. Make the heat shrink sleeve and the bellows concentric, to ensure that the circumferential gap between the heat shrink tube and the bellows is uniform.

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