Construction Technology of Metal Corrugated Pipe Culvert (Part 2)

Jul. 09, 2020

5 Installation and operation of metal bellows

5.1 Preparation before construction

1) Complete installation tools: Torx wrench, adjustable wrench, small crowbar (016mm, round steel with a length of about 1250px), crowbar (050mm, steel tube with a length of about 1.8m), hand hammer, chisel, screwdriver (inline) ,jack.

2) Prepare the necessary accessories for the installation of the culvert: screws and rubber asbestos pads.

3) Check whether the length and diameter of each pipe section of corrugated pipe are consistent with the culvert.

4) One culvert installation and installation commander is responsible for directing lifting and construction personnel on-site operations.

   Corrugated Pipe

Corrugated Pipe

5.2 Installation and operation method

1) Work before installation: Check the flatness, slope and elevation of the bottom of the culvert; check the civil works datum and determine the location, center axis and midpoint of the culvert.

2) Connect and install bellows: according to the actual situation of the culvert, discharge the culvert. If the water inlets and outlets on both sides of the culvert are inclined at the same slope as the subgrade, install the middle pipe section first during installation, leaving the water inlets and outlets in the length of the foundation. The middle pipe joints are all installed. After correcting the position, install the water inlets and outlets on both sides. During installation, the first pipe section is discharged from one side so that the center of the pipe is parallel to the longitudinal centerline of the foundation.The second pipe is also placed in place.When the gap between the adjacent flanges of the two pipes is 3 ~ 5em, Align the bolt holes on the flange with a small crowbar so that the bolt holes on the two pipe flanges are aligned, then pry the pipe section from the other end of the second section pipe with a crowbar to translate it longitudinally, Make the distance between the two flanges about 2em, then put on all the bolts, screw on the screws, with flat buckles. Afterwards, it is connected one by one in this way. There is no order in the middle pipe section of each culvert, and they can be connected at will.

3) Inlaid asbestos pad: Due to the site topography and other reasons, sometimes the distance between the two adjacent flanges is small.At this time, use a hammer and chisel to cut a gap of about 1 cm between the two flanges, and use a screwdriver to place the asbestos pad It is inserted between the two flanges; sometimes the distance between the two flanges on the top of the pipe is large, and it is difficult to install the asbestos pad.Use the tie wire to fix the asbestos pad on the bolt and fix it, and then lock the screws symmetrically until the two flanges are viewed from the outside Only 2 ~ 3mm gap is enough.

4) Anti-seepage treatment on the inside and outside of the pipe wall: the inside and outside of the pipe wall are coated with emulsified asphalt or hot asphalt. From the outside, the inside and outside of the pipe wall are evenly coated with black pipes. Generally, the thickness of the asphalt coating should reach 1 mm.

5) Correct the entire culvert with a jack so that its center is on the specified center line.

Practice has proved that the use of steel corrugated pipe culvert instead of reinforced concrete for culvert construction has great advantages in terms of construction cycle, construction cost, environmental protection, etc., and the use of metal corrugated pipe culvert for culvert construction. It can greatly improve the comfort and safety of road traffic and avoid the appearance of "staggered jumping" of culverts in the road, which is helpful to solve the problem of the damage of concrete pipes and culvert structures caused by cold frost.

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