Construction treatment of corrugated steel culvert

Oct. 24, 2016

1, treatment principle: when the corrugated steel culvert in soft soil foundation, for the treatment of soft soil subgrade, culvert foundation subgrade treatment method with the method of the section, and then fill in a layer more than 80cm thick gravel cushion on the quality.

2,measures: according to the thickness of the soft foundation and embankment height, determine the treatment measures, when sludge is less than 4 meters deep, with riprap dredging method. When the silt 4-6 meters deep, filling more than 10 meters, the processing method of riprap dredging. When the silt is more than 6 meters deep, reinforced by CFG pile, and then fill in a layer more than 80cm thick gravel cushion in its quality, and lay a solid foundation for close.

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corrugated metal culvert

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