Application Range of Corrugated Pipe Culvert

Feb. 25, 2019

The application range of the corrugated culvert pipe from Corrugated Metal Pipe Supplier is a culvert method which adopts a Corrugated Pipe Culvert or a corrugated plate which is connected and assembled. For highway culverts, the uneven settlement of culverts is one of the secondary types of damage. Steel corrugated pipe culverts have light weight, convenient and fast equipment, good durability, low engineering cost, strong resistance to deformation, and increased maintenance after opening. Cost and other characteristics.

Corrugated Metal Pipe Supplier

The characteristics of the construction method are complicated in operation, no large equipment is needed on site, and the assembly method can be ineffective to extend the construction period. The use of shard assembly technology not only facilitates the loading and unloading and transportation of culverts, but also facilitates on-site construction. It eliminates the processes of concrete pouring and steel welding, and it has less purification of surrounding noise, and it has abandoned conventional building materials such as cement, sand, stone, wood, etc., and its environmental protection significance is far-reaching. The pipe joints are connected by flexible butt clamps, which prevent the defects of the traditional flange rigid joints, not only save a small number of connecting bolts, but also make the device assembly and body adjustment easier and faster. When the culvert pipe is backfilled, the compacting method of the “wedge zone” is carried out by using a square wooden bar and then using a small machine to slant and compact, ensuring the quality of the backfill.

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