Corrugated steel pipe to prevent wall cracks

May. 24, 2018

According to past experience, at the Metal culvert pipe construction site, it was found that when the top of the Corrugated steel pipe body has not been completely terminated, the construction of the eight-character wall and the one-word wall above and downstream of the metal corrugated culvert will be completed. This construction method will be completed after the completion of filling. The disadvantages of wall cracks. Therefore, in order to prevent cracks in the end wall, the following two measures can be taken.

  1. After the installation of the Corrugated steel pipe body is completed, the non-construction end wall can be used, and the corrugated pipe filling will be filled to the top surface of the road and the elevation will be constructed on the 15th.

  2. Corrugated steel pipe

2. After the installation of metal corrugated culverts is completed, the two ends of the wall and one wall can be constructed until the height of the corrugated tube is the same. The height of the corrugated tube shall be filled with soil to the design elevation of the subgrade. 

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