Steel corrugated pipe can help improve urban waterlogging

Aug. 06, 2016

As the environmental protection consciousness enhancement, rising labor costs and the rising of construction requirements, the United States and Canada and other countries will be expanding the application areas of steel corrugated pipe, almost covers all the past with common concrete, steel plate for the field of building materials, mainly includes: highway, railway and mining tunnel, rivers, sewage and drainage ditches and pipeline, underground foundation protection class, rain water, oil and other liquid storage tanks or Wells, solid warehouse, warehouse and a factory class.

Especially it is important to note that in the face of urban waterlogging caused by heavy rain, the solution is to take by CSP materials built in underground rainwater collection and release system.The corrugated steel pipe culvert system in the United States as a parking lot, parks, sports venues, embankment, fill with rain, flood plains, drainage, depression and other commercial, public and civil buildings, highway facilities auxiliary system, obtained the widespread promotion.

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