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What Are the Acceptance Requirements for Corrugated Steel Culvert?

1. Basic regulations:

(1) Steel corrugated culvert pipe shall be inspected and accepted in strict accordance with the processing and acceptance standard of steel corrugated plate before leaving the factory, and necessary pre-assembly shall be carried out.

(2) The on-site assembly of steel corrugated board channels must be strict. According to the design and construction requirements of steel corrugated board channel construction and installation requirements.

2. Basic requirements:

(1) When the steel corrugated culverts are shipped out of the factory, they must be accompanied by a product quality certificate, and those without a certificate cannot be shipped out.

(2) After the steel corrugated culvert pipe is transported to the construction site, it must be inspected block by block, and any steel plates that are deformed during transportation must not be used.

(3) The foundation bearing capacity of the foundation must meet the requirements of no calculation. Excessive excavation and backfilling of virtual soil and elevation control are strictly prohibited.

(4) When installing the steel corrugated culvert, the joint must be cleaned. To ensure that the seams are tightly joined.

(5) The installation and laying of corrugated steel plates should be smooth and stable, the slope of the bottom of the pipe should not be reversed, and there should be no debris such as soil, masonry, etc.

(6) Effective measures must be taken to ensure the quality of the backfill of steel bellows.

(7) After the high-strength bolts are fastened, before the secondary anti-corrosion treatment, they should be coated with sealing waterproof material (or hot asphalt) at the overlap.

Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipe

Steel Corrugated Culvert Pipe

3. Appearance regulations:

(1) The installation of steel corrugated pipe china must be straight and the slope of the pipe mouth and embankment slope should be consistent.

(2) The joints of corrugated culvert pipes must be tightly connected, and the waterproof sealing material is effective.

Main items of metal corrugated culvert pipe on-site construction:

1. During the construction of metal corrugated culverts, the stability of the pit wall of the foundation pit should be checked frequently to see if there is soil slippage on both sides.

2. Before starting work, all kinds of machinery and equipment must be repaired and tested to ensure that they are in good and normal operation, and they should be regularly repaired and maintained. Electrical appliances must be installed and repaired by a full-time electrician, and signs should be set up, and construction after drinking is strictly prohibited.

3. During the construction process, strictly abide by the operation rules to prevent falling objects from hurting people and falling accidents.

Fourth, the operation of various electrical equipment and leakage protection devices are not allowed to change the installation method at will. Especially for the projecting lights of the construction operation and the installation work, they are not allowed to be sloppy and have no leakage at all, ensuring safety. All electrical equipment that is easy to hit is equipped with protective covers or fences to prevent the risk of injury.

Fifth, the personnel involved in the construction of metal corrugated culvert pipes should be familiar with the safety operation regulations of this type of work and stick to their posts. Special workers such as electricians, electric welders, concrete workers, crane workers and other construction workers must undergo special training, be proficient in operation requirements, strictly implement the safety operation regulations for this type of work, and must carry relevant documents (or photocopies) with them for post inspection.

Sixth, the construction of metal corrugated culvert construction support must be checked at any time the stability of the support, and strengthened. After the support is completed, the bearing capacity of the support must be checked and verified, and the upper construction should be carried out after meeting the bearing requirements.

7. The lifting operation must be monitored by full-time security personnel on site, the operator must be a skilled worker, and after safety training, the site is equipped with management personnel for unified deployment and command

Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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