Advantages of Bellows Culvert

Nov. 04, 2020

(1) The culvert pipe, Corrugated pipe culvert, steel Corrugated pipe culvert, metal Corrugated culvert foundation deformation ability, the foundation bearing capacity, low roughness requirement, project actual cost than the same kind of bridge, culvert span similar or lower.

(2) Short construction period is the most obvious advantage, civil engineering and pipe joint installation can be implemented separately.

(3) Centralized production in the factory, which is not affected by the environment, is conducive to cost reduction and quality control.

(4) Culvert, bellows culvert, steel bellows culvert, metal bellows culvert easy installation site, do not need to use large equipment.

(5) To solve the problem of damage to Bridges and concrete structures in the northern cold region (frost).

(6) Reduce or completely abandon the use of conventional building materials, such as cement, yellow sand, stone, wood, environmental protection has far-reaching significance.

(7) Culvert, bellows culvert, steel bellows culvert, metal bellows culvert structure under reasonable stress, uniform load distribution, and a certain degree of deformation resistance.

(8) Culvert, bellows culvert, steel bellows culvert, metal bellows culvert adopts standardized design, production, design simple, short production cycle.

(9) Corrugated Culvert Pipe is conducive to improving the structure of the soft soil foundation and embankment border "wrong" phenomenon, enhance driving comfort and safety, reduce the work after the operation and maintenance costs.

Corrugated pipe culvert

Corrugated pipe culvert

Steel corrugated culvert pipe

(1) high strength, due to its unique corrugated structure than the cement pipe with the same diameter more than 15 times the compressive strength.

(2) convenient transportation, bellows culm weight only with the same caliber cement pipe 1/10 to 1/5, even in a narrow place without transport equipment, manual also can be transported.

(3) long service life, steel bellows culm is the use of hot dip galvanized steel pipe, so the service life is long, the life is 80-100 years, in a particularly corrosive environment when used, the use of internal and external surface leach attached layer of steel bellows, can be increased in the original service life on the basis of more than 20 years.

(4) convenient construction: bellows culm is the use of sleeve or flange connection, and can be customized according to the length, even if not skilled workers can also operate, construction with a small amount of manual operation, can be completed in a short time, fast and convenient.

(5) Good economy: the connection method is simple, can shorten the construction period.


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