Content Requirements for Anticorrosion Design of Steel Corrugated Culvert

Apr. 01, 2020

Corrugated steel culvert manufacturer introduces the anticorrosive design of steel corrugated culverts.

1. The outer side of the corrugated steel culvert is mainly soil corrosion, and the inner side is mainly water corrosion and atmospheric corrosion. The focus is on soil corrosion and water corrosion protection.

2. In the selection of materials at the design stage, the materials, data and corrosion characteristics of various materials should be fully possessed, and the effective work experience and working procedures should be fully utilized.

3. Corrosion design should follow the principle of combining prevention first with protection. According to the corrosivity of the medium produced in the production process, environmental conditions, production operation management level, and construction and maintenance conditions, according to local conditions, treat them differently, and comprehensively choose anti-corrosion measures. Strengthen protection for the parts that endanger human safety and difficult maintenance, as well as important load-bearing structures and components.

Corrugated Steel Culvert

Corrugated Steel Culvert

4. Fully understand the corrosive environment conditions, including:

(1) Chemical factors: the composition of the medium (including impurities), pH value, oxygen content, possible chemical reactions, etc.

(2) Physical factors: temperature, flow rate, heating and cooling conditions of the medium, type and size of the force. Special attention should be paid to environmental conditions such as high temperature, low temperature, high pressure, vacuum, impact load, and alternating stress.

(3) In the design of anti-corrosion structure, it is also necessary to consider whether the shape of the structure and components and the combination of them meet the requirements of anti-corrosion, especially the requirements for preventing various types of local corrosion.

5. Corrosion effects of steel corrugated culvert tunnels should be considered from various aspects such as material selection and structural design. Specifically, we can proceed from the following two aspects:

(1) Correctly select materials, anti-corrosion methods and the useful life of the structure, and deal with its relationship with the engineering economy.

(2) Consider the damage or anti-corrosion measures during the installation, fully consider the fatigue limit of the combined effect of stress and corrosion, and fully consider the stress loss caused by the corrosion of the connection parts.

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