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Application of Steel Bellows Culvert in Highway

Steel corrugated pipe culvert is also called the corrugated pipe culvert, refers to lay buried under the road and railway culvert with bellows.Steel bellows culvert adopts standardized design, centralized production and short production cycle.Field installation civil construction and profile installation can be implemented separately, the time limit is short, at the same time reduce or abandon the conventional building materials, environmental protection is far-reaching;It has the advantages of adapting to foundation deformation, reasonable stress and reducing uneven settlement.It can solve the damage of concrete structure of bridge and culvert in cold area of north China.

According to the survey, corrugated pipe culvert China due to use galvanized after treatment and asphalt anticorrosive, use fixed number of year to more than 100 years.The assembled corrugated pipe joints are made of q235-a hot rolled steel plate, each ring is made up of several pieces of steel plate, and then the longitudinal connection is made.The connection bolts are m-208.8 high-strength bolts and HRC35 arc-shaped gaskets. The surface of the steel plate is hot-dip galvanized, and the joints of the plates are sealed with special sealing materials. The foundation of the pipe culvert is 50-2500px gravel cushion with a large density of n95%.General steel corrugated culvert in addition to the above pipe type, there are oval, flange type assembly.The inlet and outlet can also be made in accordance with the slope proportion.

Steel Corrugated Pipe Culvert

Steel Corrugated Pipe Culvert

Corrugated pipe culvert suppliers believe that: compared to reinforced concrete arch culvert, steel Corrugated pipe culvert has the following advantages:

(1) low foundation requirements.Since the steel corrugated pipe culvert is a flexible structure, its foundation is generally also a flexible foundation, the settlement of the culvert base and the settlement of both sides of the roadbed is uniform, so it is not necessary to separate the steel corrugated pipe base for special treatment in the construction of culvert, the basic principle is how to treat the roadbed, how to treat the culvert base.However, the bearing capacity of reinforced concrete arch culverts is required to be higher, and the bearing capacity of foundation for arch culverts with soil filling height greater than 12m is usually required to be more than 500kPa.Due to the wide distribution of soft soil in south China, the bearing capacity of the foundation usually fails to meet the requirements of setting arch culvert, so it is necessary to adopt a strong foundation treatment program to improve the bearing capacity of the foundation.

(2) convenient construction.Steel bellows production, pipe assembly and civil engineering can be carried out separately at the same time, greatly reducing the construction period.The weight of steel bellows is only 10%~20% of the weight of cement products.Enables early project delivery.However, the construction of reinforced concrete arch culverts usually takes several months and requires a lot of manpower and material resources.

(3) better economy.Through calculation and comparison, the average cost per meter of steel corrugated pipe culvert presented in this paper is about 3000 yuan lower than that of the arch culvert of the same specification, and the section with high filling is often long.Therefore, the use of steel bellows culvert can save more cost.Considering the construction convenience of steel bellows culvert and the possible cost savings in foundation treatment, its economy is more considerable.

(4) environmental protection and low-carbon, reduce or abandon the use of conventional building materials such as cement, sand and stone, is conducive to environmental protection, environmental protection has far-reaching significance.

Corrugated metal culvert, Corrugated metal pipe,Corrugated metal Pipe culvert manufacturers China
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