Application scope of corrugated steel culvert

Mar. 13, 2017

Corrugated steel culvert is a corrugated pipe or culvert was formed by the corrugated board through connection, assembly.

For highway culverts, the uneven settlement of culverts is one of the main types of damage. The corrugated steel culvert has the characteristics of light weight, convenient installation and good durability.

Applicable to all highway corrugated steel tube diameter is greater than 2.0m and less than or equal to 6m or channel culvert.

The corrugated steel pipe culvert construction to construct the "shell" force theory as the basis, give full play to the corrugated steel pipe structural weaknesses, conform to the foundation deformation.

We can also supply the spiral corrugated pipe, culvert metal pipe etc. Welcome to contact us to learn more.

Corrugated steel culvert

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